Monday, February 21, 2011

Kristy the Cysty vs. VATS: the Royal Rumble of Pain

I know, I know I have been a terrible blogger, being neglectful for almost two weeks now. I have started different posts but never completed or never had a great flow to them. I think that's what some hard pain killers do to me, I can't compose much in a good manner. Anyways I'll get this party started

First Kristy the Cysty definitely was the worse pain, KO'ing VATS quick in comparison. The worst part was the chest tube, so once I got out of the hospital on 2/11 I felt much better than I did for the almost 24 hours in the hospital. I think my pain level only ever reached around a 7 at the tops while Kristy topped the scale at a 9.9, the only reason she was not a 10 is I have a fear of that .1.

Second, the cancer is for sure back there were 6 different samples taken during the VATS and they were 6 for 6 in confirming Hodgkin's. So with that being said I meet with a doctor tomorrow to discuss and hopefully figure out a quick plan to rescue some of my abilities to eventually have kids because the chemo and stem cell transplant will more than likely take all of those abilities away. Dr. L wants everything done quick because she would like to start all of my treatments and everything else ASAP.

Third Dr. L's plan
  • Chemo 2 or 3 times in the hospital for around 5 days, every two weeks
  • Staging me again
  • Possible radiation
  • Upping my stem cell production, in which I will have to give myself shots. Honestly warn your kids if they are afraid of needles they will get cancer because I was the kids that freaked out to the point that I would pass out, now I'm going to have to give myself shots and I can almost watch my labs being taken but I don't pass out. 
  • Removing the stem cells
  • A butt kicking 8 day chemo treatment in the hospital to kill all living stem cells in my body
  • Returning the stem cells to my body and more time in the hospital
Fourth, when your Dr. F said "Once you start doing more your pain will get worse" I should have really listened because really he should have said "Once you start doing stuff your body will tell you that it hates you and won't want you move." Yesterday was a long, exhausting day. My Great Uncle Virgil passed away Friday and yesterday was his visitation that we were able to make it to because I need to stay close to home in case I get called in to Emory to fix my port (I'll make that #5). But yesterday we left the house at 8am to make it to church and lunch with Charles and we returned home at 11pm, like I said exhausting both mentally and emotionally. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for my cousin Pam and her daughters, since in the past year she has lost both her mother and now father.

Fifth, yep the the port is still not going the correct direction for flow. The port they/I want the line going downwards but it's going upwards so I have to go back to Emory to try to fix it because if they don't get it done this time they will have to replace it before chemo starts.

Sixth changes happened on the background because I could do that without needing to be completely "there" in the head and I felt I needed something a little more colorful to fit my personality. BUT I still don't think it's my forever background because it's still not quite fully me.

Happy Monday!


  1. You are so strong ..... This will pass and it will just be a bad memory ..... Words of Wisdom hmmmm I don't have any BUT your strength and attitude will prevail .... I will pray all to be good with you ~ Laura

  2. If anyone can do this--you can!! I'm praying for you!!!