Saturday, February 5, 2011


I came up with a new craft some what thanks to Etsy but not wanting to pay them and realizing I could do it myself I figured it out with a little web research and just creativity along with The Sylv.

Back story: I am in a wedding in June with absolutely gorgeous strapless light yellow dresses. Once I get it I will be wearing it around the house just because, yes that's how much I love it. Anyways I know my hair will not be long enough to really "do" by then so I started a search for the perfect flowery clip/headband to put on my head so I have something a little special about my hair for such a special day for two of my very special friends. I decided that between me and my Mama aka The Sylv we could do this.

This is the one that was made for the wedding, but also every day wear. I love it!

Here is the one I made tonight out of two rolls of ribbon for $1 a piece, so look out for a lot more flowers to come.

Happy Weekend!

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