Monday, January 3, 2011

A Week In Review

Christmas was fabulous! I finally got my new iPod and a Tassimo coffee maker AND SNOW!!!!

We made our Gingerbread Reindeer cookies, that can also be made with Peanut Butter. Quick and easy steps

1 tube of Gingerbread cookie dough
red and green M&Ms
a bag of mini pretzel of your choice

Directions: Press cookies into a reindeer shape, gently press in the M&Ms and pretzels. Bake as directed. The outcome look marvelous, also if you want to add a twist to it dip the pretzels in white chocolate. The thought of the dipped pretzels were a new twist I came up with this year and let's just say it was a real winner.

Also I mentioned we had snow. 2010 was the first White Christmas I have ever had, also when I say it snowed I mean we had 2 inches. It was extremely awesome.

 Cousins on Christmas in the snow.

Cindy was not sure what to think about the snowy ice on the cul-de-sac

Mama was not properly dressed for sledding so Daddy dressed her up with his camo gear

Now onto ORLANDO! We left early Thursday morning aka New Years Eve-Eve. We got into Orlando early in the afternoon in enough time for Mama and I to go get my "I'm Celebrating Chemo Grad" pin and for Mama to find a stunning Houndstooth jacket and scarf at The Grand Floridian. The best quote that was said on our way down there came out of my mouth. As we were entering Orlando Charles was talking about why Walt Disney chose to put Disney World in a swamp and I just blurted out "He was a man with a vision...and that just gave me chills." Yes, my name is Rebecca and I'm a little bit of a Disney freak. 

Anyways here is the trip in pictures.

 I am obsessed with the castle, I will admit it
 Charles and I rode the tea cups and no one got sick got a two thumbs up
 The castle from the top of The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House
 Me and Pirate Goofy
 Let me tell you about The Beast. First I am obsessed with Belle, she is my favorite princess. There will be more on that in a minute, but first let me tell you about the Christmas Parade. A sweet little girl in front of us had on the gorgeous gold Belle dress and when the float with the Princesses and Prince on it came by The Beast and Belle were front and center. The little Belle was waving her arm away at The Beast and he saw her and bowed to her and blew her a kiss and let's just say my heart melted. Also during the parade I did get a shout out from Santa when he was passing by with a "Merry Christmas Alabama."

 Family portrait in front of the castle
 Let's say once we started planning our trip pretty last minute because it was hard to plan, how are we going to get the boys to Disney World (THANK YOU ALABAMA FOOTBALL) and get dinner reservations at The Magic Kingdom 3 weeks before New Years. The best advise that Mama was given over the phone is get a celebration pin and put the real meaning on it, and go talk to the supervisors at the restaurant to see what could be done. Charles and I had a fast pass for Splash Mountain at 5pm, so that's when the parents went to see what could happen with dinner. I got a text message from Daddy when we got off the ride that said come to The Chrystal Pistol, yes the old ride at Six Flags that was there when the parents worked there back in the day, he really meant The Chrystal Palace. Mama talked to the supervisor and got us in to eat dinner with Pooh and Friends! Also while they were searching she went to see if we could get dessert or coffee at The Terrace to watch New Years Eve fireworks. The supervisor said that wasn't possible but he could one better us, and gave us clearance to stand on top of The Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland. Let me say, it was phenomenal we had fireworks 360 degrees around us.
 Tigger and I became really close, I got a lot of hugs and kisses. It might have been because I did say bye T-I-Double Ga-E-R or there is a possibility that I might know the guy who was in the costume that has yet to be confirmed.
 Me and Piglet
 Me and Pooh Bear
Also after dinner we walking through the stores down Main Street USA and we ended up in a store where they had princess items but no Belle. Mama and I were talking to two cast members about how we were sad that the Princess Meetings ended at what we thought was 1:30pm, but we were corrected it was 1:30 AM! So Mama and I went to to meet the Princesses. When we got there we were also told that only 3 princesses were in for viewing at a time so we were just hoping Belle was there. We walked in and SHE WAS!
 After Belle I met Cinderella and let me just give you the conversation that occurred.
My conversation with Cinderella
C: "Why hello Princess what's your name?"
Me: "Rebecca"
C: "Where are you from?"
M: "Marietta Georgia"
C: "Ohhh, well what's that on your shirt?" (referring to Alabama)
M: "It's The University of Alabama, it's where I went to school"
C: "Oh I hear that is a very magical kingdom"
M: "Oh it really is"
C: "Let's take a picture"
(Takes picture)
C: "Happy New year Princess and Roll Tide"
Can you say icing on the cake? 
 Me and Princess Tiana
 After I got my ears!
 Our view was absolutely phenomenal!
 I am saying the sky looked like the Sun was out!
I will go ahead and give you insight and rules when it comes down to visiting Disney on New Years Eve. It is a mad house, don't expect it to be other wise but there are ways to make it better. First, get there early we were there before 9am. You have to be there before 10 if not earlier. Second, use Fast Passes. they are complementary and do help you avoid really long lines. Third plan ahead, but if you see a short line for something you want to do, take it quick. We did Mickey's Philharmagic, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Teapots with waits less than 20 minutes. On long days go for character meetings late because the lines are short, I had never seen character meeting lines as short as we had. One more note about New Years Eve at Disney World especially Magic Kingdom. You need a good nights rest, good shoes, good attitude and have kids(big or small) that don't need naps. It will be one of the longest days of your life and you just have to expect that and know it, because if you don't you will be in for a bigger surprise than a phenomenal fireworks show.

Now onto New Years Day. It started out with a bang literally, with a car fire on the interstate. If there were a perfect day for football New Years Day was up there with them. We all got a little red tint from the Sun but by Sunday morning you couldn't tell. It was 72 and Alabama dominated.

Also this was Daddy's first bowl game and bowl victory he has a much better record than me.

Now onto this week's plans. I have labs, lung function test and echo cardiogram tomorrow, CT scan on Thursday and see Dr. L next Wednesday.
Whewwww, that took a long time. Happy New Year everyone! 


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  1. Hope your scan is great... glad you had a fun trip.... happy new year...