Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Like A Little Kid on Christmas

Let me share a few things about myself and exactly "what" child I was. Every parent who has more than 1 child I feel has "that" child when it comes to certain things. I am "that" child when it comes to Christmas. I was the child who knew the Christmas present hiding places and who would look while the parents were out to dinner or at Christmas parties. I was also the child that would wake up the house at like 5am to open up presents, oh yes I was that child.

Today I have been that little child on (4 days before) Christmas. I have been sitting with a great shot of the road for HOURS waiting on the UPS man to deliver Alabama tickets for New Years Day. He finally did come in his brown chariot barring our tickets for the Capital One Bowl in Orlando!

So weekend recap:
I had a nice weekend in Birmingham with the bro. We had a celebration dinner Friday night out with Charles' roommate Taylor (aka T) for having his final day of work at his Birmingham internship. I have to give a large blog shout out to T as well. While we were eating dinner and talking about the bowl trip and my day at Disney, he mentioned he worked the Disney marathon last year and was given a free ticket to Disney. He pulled it out of his wallet looked and saw it expires January 11, 2010 so he gave it to us to use since he won't  be down there before then. Is that not the sweetest thing ever?!? Saturday Charles and I headed to Tuscaloosa to go shopping and get lunch at The Brown Bag in Northport, which is beyond the best BBQ in Tuscaloosa. Their food is absolutely awesome and portions leave your more than full. Once we got back to Birmingham we both had to take naps after that lunch. For the evening we met up with our friend Ben to have some coffee and sushi for dinner and a nice evening of looking at lights in Mountain Brook and Homewood.

Mountain Brook

One of the best houses we saw in Homewood

The other house in Homewood

Yep they are neighbors

Sunday we had a nice morning of church and lunch and more coffee. At this point I am off coffee for the rest of the week because no one likes addicts. Haha. Over the past few days Mama and I have almost finished shopping and wrapping.

Next thing to conquer: Cooking/baking

Merry 4 days til Christmas

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