Monday, January 31, 2011

January: A Month in Review

I guess as I'm really starting to figure out what direction I'll be taking the blog, I'm starting to form different ways of writing because in my mind variety is good. Sometimes I can't just sit down and write this really long thing and expect people to read it all because I can't sit here and re-read it all either. Anyways to my point I decided on the last day of the month calls for a recap of the month because well January was awesome.

If 2011 is as awesome as the month of January was this year will possibly be the best yet.

The month started out at Disney World in Orlando and with an Alabama dominating win against Michigan State.  If there was a way to kick off a new year that was the best way imaginable.

I ended up with the flu at the beginning of the month and let me say it was one of the more miserable few days of my life on top of also having a bronch the Friday that I was sick.

Also we ended up with the most snow I have ever seen in Atlanta that I was allowed to play with pushing 6 inches. When "The Storm of the Century" hit in 1993 it was too cold outside and I was all of 5 and we were not allowed to go outside to play in it.

I also spent MLK weekend in Panama City with Charles and his friends from UAB for Gulf Coast Getaway which is a college ministry retreat weekend and it was amazing.

One Friday evening I spent hanging out with Katie and a few of the bridesmaids for her wedding playing dress up and I am in LOVE with my dress! I can't wait to order it, pick it up and just play dress up in it. :) Confession time: A guilty pleasure of mine is when I'm cleaning a lot or packing I like to play dress up and put on my dresses that I don't get to wear all the time.

To round out the month of January after visiting with my surgeon and making sure I was not going to be scheduled for surgery immediately I decided that it was the perfect weekend to go to Tuscaloosa to see my friends and catch the Alabama-LSU basketball game. As it turns out almost all of my friends from Tide for Christ Student Ministries aka TCSM thought the same. So it just formed into this awesome weekend of spending as much time with one another as possible, eating, shopping, laughing, watching basketball. I love seeing how little actions in the big scheme of things work out perfectly. For instance I really didn't commit until Wednesday night late to going to Tuscaloosa and it was too late to get a ticket with Charles. Friday night we're walking out of dinner and Mike mentions that Dustin has an extra ticket possibly so Mike would take that ticket so they could have "man time" and I could sit with Cassie and her parents. This worked out perfectly, and so I stayed the first half with Cassie and since Mike and Dustin had some extra seats next to them I went and hung out with them since I hadn't seen Dustin in 8 months which is a record that I don't like. Words honestly can't quite describe how great of a weekend it was and how great of friends I have.

Just a few of the ladies

The month of January in Review gets an A+. I really don't know how any of the other months this year can quite be as great.

Also today to end out the month is my first "baby's" birthday. He is 9 years old today and boy does that make me feel old. Isaiah and I have been connected since I met him at a few weeks old and that's all she wrote. Isaiah is just precious and I love him but he's not my little baby any more but we still have fun together.
6 years ago

I hope everyone else has had just as great of a January as I have! 

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