Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dr. Visit 12/16: The Mystery of the Bright Spots

The Mystery of the Bright Spots

Ok, here is the run down. My PET scan last week showed some bright spots in a few selected areas. So Dr. L consulted with Dr. B before I had my bronchoscopy, by doing so Dr. B did a lymph node aspiration biopsy while he was in my lungs. In normal person talk they stuck a needle outside of my lungs into a lymph node that was lit up for a biopsy to test for Hodgkins. Today we got those results and they were negative for lymphoma. They aren't really sure what had caused the bright spots on my scans but in January I'm doing a few more tests like the lung function test to look into the causes. There is a good chance that one could just be scar tissue and some others are being caused by an infection since I have been sick recent and The Sylv is still hacking away and Dr. B said there were signs of pneumonia in my lungs, also the mystery of sarcoid still lingers in the mind of Dr. L so she is consulting with an expert at Emory. Overall today we did get some good news in that the biopsy last week was negative but now lingers the mystery of the bright spots.

Also! Please if you have like 5 minutes make an account with Home Depot (also they don't send junk mail unless you sign up for it) and VOTE for all 3 of our Christmas trees. I get to choose where $5,000 dollars would go to charity and since I couldn't decide each tree gets it's own charity to support. The Bronze and Lime Explosion Tree will donate to Be The Match The Victorian Tree to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and The Peacock Tree to Camp Sunshine.

Directions: Go to each link and click on the star at the top of the picture. You can vote for each tree once, but also comments help as well! Thanks so much for your support! The contest ends a week from today at midnight.
The Peacock Tree
The Bronze and Lime Explosion Tree
The Victorian Tree

Thanks again!

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