Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm here I promise!

Me and Charles and the epically awesome blow up Santa at Palisades Park
Ok first I'll share a picture from the weekend.

So here's the run down on last week's bronch. In June I was knocked out to the point that my eyes wouldn't open but not to the point where I couldn't feel everything going on. This time I made sure that Dr. B aka Dr. McDreamy and his staff knew that I needed to be knocked out good. First they gave me 5cc's of something and the ceiling tiles started dancing because I was still awake and they seemed surprised so they gave me some more and I was gone. I don't remember 20 of the 30 minute observation period or do I remember the elevator ride to pick-up where Daddy was waiting...yea...it's all a blur that's how gone I was still. I got a little sick once at the hospital a little spit up in the truck and once I got home I was starved since I hadn't eaten or drank in like 16 hours. Lesson: you are better off eating cold foods after a procedure hot stuff is not good. Mama had made me chicken noodle soup but that soup didn't stay down long at all. Thank goodness for chicken salad and one of my nausea pills and I was good to go after that. I still don't know anything and we won't I guess until Thursday.

Also last night I tried a change-up on the Mexican classic tacos with Lettuce Wrap Tacos. I got this idea from a commercial on Food Network and let me say they were awesome. I just traded out the traditional taco shell or soft tortilla with a leaf of head lettuce. I decorated them as I pleased with a little bit of cheese and a little ranch dressing as opposed to sour cream to give it a little bit of a salad taste. I would highly recommend the switch because they were phenomenal and if you have kids you might be able to slide some vegetables in on them.


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  1. Your tacos sound good... Hope all is well... I am glad you were well knocked out... OH MY I couldn't imagine feeling everything during a surgery (and I have had many)... Thank goodness for puke pills.. that is what I called em...