Thursday, March 10, 2011

February: A Month in Review

So I just realized that I have yet to review February.

February was not near as exciting or awesome as January was mainly because it was filled with doctors. My weekends weren't that eventful because after the first weekend I was pretty much on lock down at the house after VATS.

1) The month started out with me staying at home and a weekend of going to The Varsity and seeing Country Strong with the 'rents.
2) I also had a whirlwind trip to Alabama to see my favorite kiddos in the world.
3) Also there were many new recipes tried in the first week and a half of February which were excellent and you should definitely check them out. Roasted Vegetable Soup Almost Guilt free Game Day Food Sloppy Crockpot Chicken Sandwiches
4) I had a VATS procedure which left me at home for a few weeks cooped up and in decent discomfort at times, so there wasn't much blogging or activities in my life.
5) The cancer was confirmed back so I started meeting with the fertility team to get going on fertility treatments which will start this month along with chemo.

So I think that is about it!

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  1. How's the fertility stuff going?? I know I read that it's going to take something like 6 weeks??