Monday, November 29, 2010

Brain Dump

I feel like there is so much that I have in my head that needs to get dumped out in here.

First off let me show you this t-shirt that I am in love with! I want it for Christmas and I don't get it under a tree I'll be buying it anyway.
This weekend for being one of my favorite holidays because you get the full mixture of family, football and friends just wasn't ideal between the friends being seen or in town for Mrs. Margaret's funeral, not getting enough time with my favorite kiddos in the world and a losing football game. 

Mama and I did take the holiday weekend to add some additions to our home when it comes to Christmas decor. We are throwing one of my best friends her first wedding shower in the form of an Ornament Brunch and Mama wanted to make some pieces for our dining room table because we have never had any nice Christmasy table arrangements. We even added a new spin in the same colors to our mantle pieces as well. They are gorgeous. We made them from design confidence(meaning looking and browsing at what was already made by other people) from a few stores in Alabama and Georgia. We also found everything that was needed and on Thanksgiving sale at Hobby Lobby (aka The HoLo), Michael's and Trees and Trends in Boaz, Alabama. I can also say everything that we made looks great. Here are a few pictures. I haven't had a chance to snap some of the mantle pieces but they look very similar in color scheme and picks.

 Miss Cindy Bear(the dog) is not feeling well, we noticed a couple of weeks ago that sometimes when she'd get up from laying down her wouldn't put one of her back legs down, I told the vet when she got her shots and they said she had some tightness in her joint but to get her to take it easy. HA! Seriously trying to keep my dog from going crazy is a very laughable statement. Yesterday morning she finally did it, messed it up pretty good she was running through the hallway while we were getting ready for church. She yelped and since then she hasn't been able to put her leg down. She lets me massage it and it is getting better we think because she's closer to putting it down but if there's a good way to get me to break down a hurt dog is that thing. Here is a picture of her in her Alabama "I Eat Tigers" shirt.

Also the past week my spidi senses have been going crazy. I haven't written about some of my side effects from chemo, one of which has been named the spidi senses and the other is my lacking memory. I have had some hardcore hyper senses since June. Meaning my nose is more sensitive to smell good, bad or otherwise and my eyes are very sensitive to light. Also my short term memory struggles at times. This weekend thankfully I only smelt good smells so there was no gag reflex but you can see how spidi senses just aren't always good.

One final note, I am tired of having to plan my life around appointments. Next week I have my PET scan on 12/6 and Bronchoscopy 12/9. I am going to Birmingham Saturday night for a Christmas celebration with some of my best friends and to see Dave Barnes Christmas show. I was planning on getting some Christmas shopping done in Tuscaloosa on Sunday and Monday because I thought my scan was on the 7th, but apparently it's not and it's frustrating because I wish it were so the weekend could be long and nice. I guess I now have to still figure out when I'll be in Tuscaloosa to shop and what not. Hopefully once I follow-up with my Dr on the 16th I will be able to go months without having to see her again. At this point once I make it to Friday it will be the first time in over 7 months that I have gone more than 2 weeks without going to the Dr or having blood work done.


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