Thursday, September 30, 2010

FACT: Life

Life is good FUNNY! Sometimes I just sit back reflect about things in my life and laugh because I guess the old saying goes sometimes it's better to laugh than to cry. Most of the time there is no need for tears but to sit and look at the humor in the world and how life spins around even though at times it could bring us to tears.

Case in point late tonight I was watching the Bones episode from this evening that I DVR'd while at Daddy's softball game. I know one of my friends from camp is a big fan and would share her opinions with me because quite frankly I was a little frustrated with characters and the story and such. So we start chatting about everything that happened and how it bothered us, the conversation turned into how we love the character Booth played by David Boreanaz(seen right). At some point the conversation turned to men guys boys jerks and we found a very strong bond and understanding through past break-ups. We are break-up soul mates. We had some laughs and I feel it is just another aspect about how life is funny. We know people and we have friends on social networks, at school, at work and sometimes we don't know the bonds and connections that sometimes we have in life because we don't talk about things or never get to that point of a conversation.

Really though life is always funny think about things in your life, you know God laughs at it too. How people react to silly things sometimes to things that don't matter and people get all bent out of shape about frivolous issues. I'm glad life is funny though because if it were something boring and dull it wouldn't be as great of a life. Sometime sit back and look at how something is funny and when I say funny I mean it can bring on laughs or sometimes something funny/ironic/God's perfect plan and it just puts a smile on your face because you have the most content/happy feeling from something working out brilliantly perfect. Who knows sometimes just through a conversation with someone you find out how 2 sucky break-ups = a hilarious conversation and an even better bond is formed with someone when you don't expect it.

Reebs (I'm in a little feisty mood and Reebs is that feisty nickname I have)

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  1. So glad to see you blogging and enjoying things! You are amazing! It amazes me everyday when I plan something, usually God has other plans and I know that HE is just laughing at this silly little human! :) Have a great weekend!